Wiener Blut 00 – Introduction

When Isabelle’s secret past returns to haunt her nightmares, she must take action to protect her family from a threat that is closer than she realises.

Set within the traditional Viennese café culture, ‘Wiener Blut’ (literally translated as ‘Viennese Blood’) is the story of café owner Isabelle Schindler-Krug and her role in a struggle for power that stretches back for centuries.

As she tells her sons the legends behind coffee and Vienna, it becomes clear that one such legend is still in the making, with her own family caught right in the middle.


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  1. Hey there. I just played the promo for this in the most recent episode of my podcast Gilmore Girls Re-watch ( I figured given the role that coffee and coffee places serve in both the novel and the TV series, the two are a perfect fit. ;-)