At the Alt Wien

Logo_CMYK_RZ1The Coffee Legacy has found a home in THE roast / café – the Alt Wien :)

The beans that are the star of the cover (and get me through the day) and the café that inspired one of the main locations.

You can now buy signed copies of the book and bags of their fantastic beans right in the middle of Vienna! No worries though, they also ship the beans abroad!


You can find them in the fourth district:
Schleifmühlgasse 23, 1040 Vienna

Their Website:

On Facebook: 



Danube Waves cover

DW Cover-big Kopie
Coming in Spring 2015….
The portals between worlds have been shut down, leaving king-to-be Maximilian Schindler-Krug trapped in our world in the form of a goat. An impending revolution, a murderer on the loose, recurring nightmares and a mad scientist stand between him and the throne. It’s going to take more than a talking swan, a fainting goat and copious amounts of coffee and cake to save the day.
Ten years since the murder of his mother, Maximilian Schindler-Krug is having increasingly vivid dreams about the night that changed his life forever, but that is the least of his problems. His coronation as King of Neu Meidling is approaching fast, but revolution across the kingdom threatens his family, while the closing of portals between the worlds has split up others.
Karin’s peaceful life at the Alt Wien is turned upside-down when her daughter brings home a wounded swan, which leads her to discover a lost family secret that will change her life forever. Her own husband’s place in events could rip their relationship apart.
Lily, a trainee Beschützer finds herself trapped in another world, torn between her duty to protect the royal Wächter line and coffee trade and her love for her future king. When she meets a man and his goat who provide unexpected solutions, she has to make a choice that could topple the monarchy, assuming she can get the young king back home alive.
“Danube Waves” takes us back to the linked worlds of the Wiener Blut universe first introduced in “The Coffee Legacy”, revisiting beloved characters and introducing new ones, not to mention tickling the tastebuds with a range of traditional Austrian cakes.
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Unterbrücken eBook

cover Unterbruecken
When worlds collide and lovers meet, tough choices have to be made.


After first being published on the Every Photo Tells… Podcast in audio format, you can now also get the eBook of Unterbrücken, the prequel to Danube Waves, for 99c at many eBook stores!

You can find it also amongst the Spin-Offs and on Goodreads! :) (more coming soon!)