CASTING CALL for Danube Waves

Apple_Podcast_logoIt is podcasting time again! Whilst Danube Waves is with the editor, I thought I’d start with casting the podcast voices so that I have an easier time getting all the recordings in time and be not as stressed as I was last time.

As a disclaimer I have to say that unfortunately I won’t be able to pay those of you whose voices I’ll use for the audio version, the reason being that the podcast will be available for free as well afterwards. Feel free to ask if you have any questions or concerns. Obviously not all the roles are being cast, because the voice actors, whose characters I haven’t killed off in the Coffee Legacy, will be so nice to lend me their voices again.

I also suggest to those who don’t know the first book, have a listen to the Coffee Legacy podcast or read the eBook / paperback first so that you have an idea how the story started.

For the roles and lines, I’ll only give general indications to gender, age and motivation so as not to put spoilers out there :). I will also give an indication as to how “big” the roles are. There are also various small roles with only one or two lines which will be cast with the same lines. Once you picked one or more roles you’d like to audition for, please email me the audition lines (in italics) with the name and code of the character as separate MP3 files to katharina ( at ) wiener-blut ( dot ) com with your contact information by APRIL 4, 2014.

The production will be in spring/early summer depending on the final edits but you’ll have about a month to send your lines in once you’re chosen. I will let everyone know in the second week of April with more information about the role or if I would see you in a different role than you auditioned for.


Now to the roles:

Old Lady, Hanna (DW01)
Recurring character, aristocrat. Evolves throughout the book, sounds younger than she is.

“Hm, it started tasting a bit weird, but I’m not sure anymore. I can barely remember what freshly roasted coffee tastes like.”
The old woman had a distant and longing look in her eyes.
“I just… I’d like to try again. You know, go to the border and have another poke around. I haven’t in a while,” her husband suggested.
“Oh yes? I thought you’d give the old border a nudge every once in a while,” Hanna smiled at her husband.
“A nudge is hardly trying… but seriously. Our time is running out too. I don’t want to leave our people behind, locked away in this world with no-one to look after them.”


Middle-Aged Woman, Heidi (DW02)
Recurring character, good-natured.

“Well, I remembered something. Bluewater sounded so familiar. So when we stopped at my place on the way here…”
“Yes?” Karin asked her mother.
“I brought the blanket.”
“Which blanket?”
“The one I was wrapped in as a baby, when I was found,” Heidi explained.


Young girl, Christina (DW03)
Recurring but fewer lines. Curious and a bit of an outsider.

“What happened to the boy, Mama?” the young girl asked.
“Well, he couldn’t live without the girl from the water,” Karin said.
“But did he manage to be with her?”
“I am sure he did, my love.”
“I like the idea of water people…” Christina said, her mind wandering off as she thought of the Danube and its waters.


Middle-aged woman, Magdalena (DW04)
Recurring, strong character and scientist.

“She’ll get over it. She’ll get over you. What do you think she would’ve done if you told her the truth? She would’ve thrown you out anyway,” Magdalena stated.
“Now she’ll go looking for me and freak out and whatnot… Do you want to lock me up here forever?” he asked.
“Oh no, not at all. I just want to show you what you missed and convince you that she’s better off without you.”
“And if you can’t convince me of that?” her son was sceptical.
“Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it. Now, let me show you the lab.”


Middle-Aged Man, Patrick (DW05)
Recurring character, leader of the executive authority in difficult times.

“Your Majesty!”
Patrick, the Head Beschützer, ran into XXX’s office without even knocking.
“What the…?” he jumped up from his chair, panicked.
“We have a problem. A big problem,” Patrick told the king’s father.
“Are the boys ok?”
“Well, that’s the issue. There seems to be an issue with travelling.”


Middle-Aged Man, Dietmar (DW06)
Smaller role, middle brother with a family in shambles.

“That is why we are here. You need help and, whatever else is going on, we are here to help you.”


Old Lady, Mrs Krug (DW07)
Smaller role. Mother and bitter.

“I wanted to talk to you about the coronation,” the old lady addressed her bodyguard.
“Are you planning on going?”
“Absolutely, Oliver! It’s my grandson becoming king, naturally I’ll be there!”


Young Man, Ludwig (DW08)
Bigger recurring role. Good-humoured farmer. Gets drawn into the adventure.

“Do you often take your goat out for a walk in the forest?”
“We’re not from around here and he follows me around everywhere…” She said with a big smile.
“It doesn’t look as if his leg is broken, but I would still let a vet have a look at him.”


Various small roles (male) (DW09)

“When you came back he was just gone? He left your daughter alone?” the policeman enquired.
“It seems so. I was working late and he knew that, but he has never done anything like this before…”
“Did you have a fight or did he leave a note?”
“No, nothing…” she said, quietly.


Various small roles (female) (DW10)

“He was quite angry when I brought him tea instead of coffee. Then he asked me where Lady Hanna was, but decided to go look for her himself instead of just sending me, as always. Something about the tea must have shaken him quite profoundly,“ the girl answered the cook.
“Ah, well. It’s complicated with him and tea. Let’s just say he prefers coffee.”