The theme music of this podcast is an old Austrian Christmas song that was written at the beginning of the 20th century.
It was recorded and arranged by Mick Bordet.

Below, you can find the original lyrics to the song with an English translation. Note that the song was written in dialect, so this it not proper written German.

Es wird scho glei dumpa

Es wird scho glei dumpa, es wird scho glei Nocht.
Drum kimm i zu dir her mei Heiland auf’d Wocht.
Will singan a Liadl dem Liebling dem kloan,
du mogst jo net schlofn, i hör di nur woan
Hei, hei, hei hei, schlof süaß herzliabs Kind

It is getting dark soon, night is falling.
That’s why I am coming to you, my watchful saviour
Want to sing a song to the little love
You don’t want to sleep, I can only hear you cry
There now, there now… Sleep tight, sweet child.


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