Einspänner (German: One-horse carriage)
One mocca
Whipped cream
Icing sugar
Served in a glass with handle

Fiaker (Austrian: horse drawn carriage typical to Wien)
A double mocca
Whipped Cream
Cherry on top

Franziskaner (German: Franciscan)

Melange with whipped cream instead of frothed milk

Grosser Brauner (German: tall brown coffee)
Two mocca
Served in a big mug

Kaisermelange (German: Emperor’s Melange)
One large mocca
One Egg yolk

Kapuziner (German: Capuchin)

One mocca
A few drops of cream

Maria Theresia (Austrian empress, lived in the 18th century)
A double mocca
Shot of orange liqueur
Whipped cream
Served in a glass

Mazagran (Town in Algeria and a special shape of coffee mug)
A double mocca, cooled down with ice
Maraschino (cherry liquor)
Served in a glass

Melange (French: blend, mixture)
One mocca
Frothed milk

Mozart (Austrian Composer)
One mocca
Cherry Brandy
Whipped Cream
Pistachio Brittle

One double mocca
Cold cream poured into the coffee over the back of a spoon

Pharisäer (German: Pharisee; coll.: hypocrite)
4 cl Rum
Mixed with Sugar in a tall glass
One mocca
Whipped cream on top

Separée (French: separated; also a private booth/room in a restaurant)
One large mocca
Milk served on the side

Türkischer Kaffee (German: Turkish coffee)
Finely ground coffee, cooked in a tin jug
Served with coffee grounds
Sweetened with sugar

Überstürzter Neumann (German: Overturned Neumann)
Whipped cream in a coffee mug
A double mocca poured over it

Verkehrter (German: Wrong way around)
One small mocca
Served in a large mug
With a lot of hot milk

Verlängerter Schwarzer (German: Long Black Coffee / Americano)
One mocca
Hot water added to it

Wiener Eiskaffee (German: Viennese Iced Coffee)
Two cold mocca
Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream
Whipped Cream

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