The Coffee Legacy Paperback


After rereleasing the eBook and writing on the sequel, it is now time to bring out the new paperback version of The Coffee Legacy.

Thanks to my husband’s help with the formatting, I was able to get a proof copy which I’m really happy with.

The paperback is already available on Amazon and Createspace and will also be shipped out to other online booksellers. I hope you will enjoy having it in your hands as much as I do! :)

The Coffee Legacy is out!


After doing so much work on the re-release, The Coffee Legacy is finally out! Until Tuesday evening it’s available on Amazon for 99c!


The book got a bit of a do-over, the chapters are now illustrated with the coffee pictures and you can find out more about the world of Wiener Blut in the back. The book is still on Podiobooks under the old name, but that’ll be fixed soon as well. I will hold off with the paperback version for a while and start writing on the sequel.