Wiener Blut relaunch


I have been contemplating this for a while, and I decided it was time to relaunch my book, Wiener Blut, in order to be able to move forward with the series. There will be some re-branding going on and new eBook and paperback versions.

Wiener Blut Book 1 will get a new name and the series as a whole will be called Wiener Blut. With a new name, a new cover will be necessary so I will re-launch all the different versions of the book. Until all the new versions are online, Wiener Blut will not be available as eBook or paperback. The podcast is still up and running if you want to listen to it in the meantime.

All of this work serves the preparation for Book 2 in the series, for which I’m already in the planning stages. I will post here about the progress of the relaunch and the new book as well as talk about it on my Twitter stream and on the series’ Facebook page.

Wiener Blut reading on June 16

I am happy to announce that I will give a reading of Wiener Blut on

June 16 at 7.30 PM (local time)

at Shakespeare & Company in Vienna

Here is the official announcement from the bookshop:
“On Thursday 16th June 19.30 at Shakespeare & Company

An old Cafè, an even older legend and a new threat: On Bloomsday, Katharina Maimer will read from her first novel “Wiener-Blut”, set within the traditional Viennese cafe culture. “Wiener-Blut” is the story of cafè owner Isabelle Schindler-Krug and her role in a struggle for power that stretches back for centuries. As she tells her sons the legend behind coffee and Vienna, it becomes clear that one such legend is still in the making, with her own family caught right in the middle.

Katharina Maimer lives in Vienna and divides her time between the law, writing and podcasting. While writing her book in English she consumed a great deal of coffee.”

Facebook Event

Wiener Blut eBook!

The podcast version of the book has three episodes remaining until the story comes to a close, but if you want to find out what happens before then, I’m delighted to announce that the eBook version of the story is now available.

The original text of the podcast has been fine-tuned and given another round of editing before being prepared for publishing. The eBook is available in a number of formats for your eReader of choice, through Smashwords and soon Amazon as well.

If you prefer to read from a good old-fashioned physical paperback book, that will soon also be available. I am awaiting the final proof copy to check through before making it available.

All the text versions of the book have a little extra detail compared to the podcast version, not enough to affect the story, but a bit of a bonus for those of you wanting to read the story for yourself.

If you enjoy the eBook version, please take a few minutes to leave a comment and review. What did you like most? What left you wishing for more?