Wiener Blut eBook!

The podcast version of the book has three episodes remaining until the story comes to a close, but if you want to find out what happens before then, I’m delighted to announce that the eBook version of the story is now available.

The original text of the podcast has been fine-tuned and given another round of editing before being prepared for publishing. The eBook is available in a number of formats for your eReader of choice, through Smashwords and soon Amazon as well.

If you prefer to read from a good old-fashioned physical paperback book, that will soon also be available. I am awaiting the final proof copy to check through before making it available.

All the text versions of the book have a little extra detail compared to the podcast version, not enough to affect the story, but a bit of a bonus for those of you wanting to read the story for yourself.

If you enjoy the eBook version, please take a few minutes to leave a comment and review. What did you like most? What left you wishing for more?