Spin-Off 02 – Kardinalschnitte

Mick wrote a Spin-Off for the 100 Word Stories podcast called “Kardinalschnitte”. You can vote for his story to win the weekly challenge there, so please do so!

The short story is about how Mr and Mrs Meier met. And here it is:


The café was almost full, so he took a seat at a table already occupied by a pretty young woman. She glanced up from her book to acknowledge his presence with a smile that warmed him from his walk through the Viennese wind.

It was as fine a coffee as he had ever tasted, but the cake far exceeded his expectations. He offered her some, keen to share his discovery. On leaving, he raised his hat to the café owner in thanks.

Every subsequent year they returned, as husband and wife, to share a Kardinalschnitte in the Café Alt Wien.


Note: All the Spin-Offs will appear on the regular podcast feed after the book is done.